What Clients Are Saying About HRGI

By handling complicated administrative tasks, job recruitment and interviewing, and other challenging human resources issues, HR Group International allows us to focus on building our business - and that is exactly what you would want from an outsourcing partner.

Michael A. Larson, Partner, Larson Hart & Shepherd, PLLC

The Mackay Restaurant Group (MRG) and El Gaucho Seattle, retained the services of HR Group International (HRGI) in early 2003. Since then, HRGI has provided MRG with professional advice to handle the various employment and compliance issues that have surfaced as a result of MRG's growth. HRGI refined the MRG employee handbook and also developed a manager's handbook with employment documents that are easy to understand and use. Additional services have included training classes for management, assistance with compliance audits and legislative updates.

The most valuable resource I have found in HRGI is their daily support of my operation; they are always available to bounce ideas off or to provide recommendations for challenging employee concerns. I would recommend their services to any company in any industry.

Nick Kassis, General Manager, Mackay Restaurant Group

Throughout the last three years, HRGI has assisted my department on a variety of human resources assignments that have varied from mundane to very difficult. Included have been such tasks as job recruitment and interviewing to the management of a difficult employee relations claim.

In all cases HRGI's response to our needs has been timely, focused, and effective. One phone call is all that's ever been needed to spur them into action. I've noticed they always begin a task with thorough listening and do not act until they fully understand the issues. When they do act, they not only provide expertise, but just as important they provide real leadership in the form of outlining several options for action and identifying their recommended choice.

In every instance, I've found myself to be grateful to have such a knowledgeable, thoughtful, and capable resource in my corner.

Jon Rose, President, Olympic Property Group

One day we all woke up and discovered that the policies and procedures we had established for our 50 person company weren't working for our 200 employees. Bryon really helped us clear the slate and start from the beginning, giving us the fundamentals to grow from 200 towards the future. He identified where we were at, what we needed, and where we needed to go. He helped us to act in the short term and think about the long term. He introduced an Employee Handbook, which has had an enormous positive impact with our employees. Also, having Bryon on hand as a consultant has boosted our confidence in dealing with the "gray areas" of the Human Resources discipline. He has assisted us in creating training programs for our managers, as well as developing a Manager's Handbook.

It is a plus that Bryon is multilingual in Spanish, English, and Swedish. Moreover, Bryon is approachable and unintimidating as a trainer and consultant. Employees and managers can relate to him as a "regular guy" but still get that he knows his subject inside an out. I know Bryon will be able to grow with us and our needs as we grow as a company over time. I recommend him highly.

Kim Nyhous, HR Manager, Essential Baking Company

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