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Bryon Peterson - President, HRGI Human Resources Group International, Inc. employs a staff of Professionals who have over 25 years of extensive experience in the Human Resources field with companies ranging in size from Start-Ups to Fortune 100s, and representing practically every type of industry from Hi-Tech to Retail. HRGI can help align your "people policies" and processes with the organization's values, goals and mission. We will save you money.

Bryon Peterson is the founder and President of HRGI. He has more than 15 years of experience successfully providing strategic human resource leadership to businesses. He is recognized for his ability to target and design programs that remove typical business and service problems while creating and maintaining an empowered and satisfied staff.

A comprehensive and successful human resources executive, Bryon is a dynamic, effective, and internationally experienced HR Generalist who has the communication skills and knowledge to motivate and enlist employees in support of a common goal. Bryon worked for Starwood Hotels and Resorts where he was responsible for the human resources discipline in 43 hotels across the United States. Additionally, Bryon spent 12 years working for Marriott International both domestically and overseas. Bryon has also worked as a counselor, educator and Director/Principal of a bilingual elementary school in Latin America.

Bryon understands business. He is a bottom line driven HR professional who partners well with business professionals. He is bilingual in Spanish and works easily and productively with all cultures, and ages, regardless of skill set.

Experience Profit Improvement With Sophisticated HR Business Practices That Are Easy To Implement And Follow

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