Human Resources Support Package

Human Resources Group International, Inc. Human Resources Group International, Inc. (HRGI) has created a comprehensive Human Resource Support Package aimed to assist businesses to get answers and help on complex and challenging HR issues. Your Support Package with HRGI enables you to call with your employment questions as often as you need.

Your Support Package includes the following services and products:

Human Resources Audit

HRGI has developed a 200+ point checklist to audit compliance with Federal and State employment laws. In addition, your HR Audit will address compliance with company policies, procedures and standards. Upon completion of the Audit, a senior associate of HRGI will discuss the findings with you. You will receive a detailed analysis of our findings, along with suggestions, recommendations, and prioritization of the corrections needed.

Employee Relations Support

With over 25 years of executive-level human resources experience, HRGI is well versed in the issues facing employers and employees. We advise clients on conflicts such as payroll discrepancies, performance and attendance problems, interpersonal relationships, supervisory skills, policy interpretation, and more. HRGI prides itself on its customer service. We provide prompt answers and solutions until your issues are resolved.*

Legislative Updates

HRGI will send e-mail updates on Federal and State Regulations as they are announced. This update is geared towards the needs of individuals who don't have the time to search for information and those that are interested in developing their regulatory understanding of Human Resources.

Additional Discount Offer

With our support package, HRGI will provide a discount equivalent to one hour of consultation towards any of our additional products and service. You can choose from a list, or you can request a special program. HRGI customizes every product based on our client's unique needs.

For an additional fee, we will work with your office to prepare your defense against unemployment claims from individuals that have left your employ either voluntarily or involuntarily. We have the ability to reduce your unemployment claims cost, which is bottom line profit.

*Not included: audits by government agencies, investigations (L&I, EEOC, INS), unemployment and unemployment hearings. Thirty (30) minute time limit included in cost, per issue.

Experience Profit Improvement With Sophisticated HR Business Practices That Are Easy To Implement And Follow

For more information regarding our products and services, and to discuss your businesses needs and how we can best assist you, please call (206) 947-4905, or complete our contact form.